Pistons draft picks: Evan Mobley, not Cunningham may be best fit in Detroit

Evan Mobley #4 of the USC Trojans (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
Evan Mobley #4 of the USC Trojans (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images) /
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Detroit Pistons
Detroit Pistons draft picks (Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images) /

The Detroit Pistons have reclaimed their spot as the second-worst team in the NBA after the Houston Rockets finally won a game, breaking their 20-game losing streak.

The Pistons have been tanking competitively and getting big contributions from their rookies, so this season has been a success.

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The icing on the cake would be to get the number one pick in the draft, but the odds are still stacked against it. Even with the second-worst record, Detroit still only has a 14 percent chance of getting the number one pick, so fans should probably prepare for the Pistons not to be called.

But that might not be the worst-case scenario, as there are several players making their case as the draft’s best player even though Cade Cunningham is still the consensus number one.

After Oklahoma State flamed out early and Cunningham didn’t play particularly well, there might be some uncertainty about who the best player in the draft really is.

Evan Mobley is making his case and might be the best-case scenario for Detroit.

Detroit Pistons: It’s not a one-player draft

Even though Cunningham is at the top of most draft boards, this is not a one player draft by any means.

The entire top-five is loaded with potential stars and there are players outside of the top five who might be just as good or even better.

Pistons’ fans have been dead set on the number one pick, and it would be nice, as it would put the Pistons in the driver’s seat to take whichever player they think is the best.

But if they don’t get the pick, it’s not the end of the world. For one, they could still trade up for Cunningham if they think he is the guy.

And if not? There might be a player who is even better for the Detroit Pistons.