Draft Prospects for Detroit Pistons fans to see in Elite Eight

Evan Mobley could be a fit on the Detroit Pistons (Photo by John McCoy/Getty Images)
Evan Mobley could be a fit on the Detroit Pistons (Photo by John McCoy/Getty Images) /
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Davion Mitchell #45 of the Baylor Bears (Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images) /

Baylor and Arkansas draft prospects for Pistons fans to check out·

Jared Butler-Baylor
The first of two point guards for Baylor that the Detroit Pistons could draft, Jared Butler is 6-3 and the better college player.

Butler is averaging a team-high 6.6 ppg and is the team’s leader on the floor. He has a great basketball IQ, and his pro comparison is to veteran point guard, and new 76er, George Hill. Butler is projected in the draft where it becomes a free fall, 20-40.

The end of the first round and beginning of the second round is very hard to project. For example, the Pistons graded point guard Saben Lee as a first-rounder but some mock drafts did not even have him getting drafted at all.

He is mocked at pick number 20 in one draft and 40 in another, so he could still be on the board when the Pistons make their selection with the second-round pick via Toronto Raptors.
·      Davion Mitchell-Baylor
The second of two fine point guards for Baylor, Davion Mitchell is the much more NBA-style player.  Another Mitchell who wears #45 could finally be the one drafted… sorry for another Donovan Mitchell joke folks.

Davion Mitchell is a better shooting, more athletic, and better defending guard than Jared Butler. Standing at 6-foot-2, Mitchell has been given a pro comparison of Patrick Beverly due to his borderline elite defense.

While Butler has been at this level for the past few seasons, Mitchell has made a large jump in shooting percentages and points per game. Mitchell is projected in the early 20’s so, as of now, the Pistons likely won’t get him, but as we saw last time, Troy Weaver can snap his fingers and first round picks appear from thin air.
·      Moses Moody-Arkansas
As a self-appointed amateur NBA scout, I haven’t heard or seen much about Moses Moody, however he is a lottery pick for sure.

He’s the third leading freshman scorer in the nation, at 17 points per game. He shoots 36.7% from three. He’s listed as a shooting guard, and stands at 6’ 6”, so he has the NBA frame in addition to an NBA skillset, both offensive and defensively.

His pro comparison is Joe Johnson and Khris Middleton, which is pretty darn good.

He has a ton of upside, as he has a Kevin Durant-like build, and he will likely put quite a few pounds of muscle on in the pros. He is supposed to be a lottery pick and is mocked between 6-12, so, if the Pistons get on a little hot streak or have some bad lottery luck, unfortunately, Detroit could easily end up with a pick in that range. I would love to have him as our shooting guard if they fell to the range where he would be picked.