Detroit Pistons: Adidas to release “Bad Boys” themed shoe

Former Detroit Pistons Isiah Thomas and Dennis Rodman (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
Former Detroit Pistons Isiah Thomas and Dennis Rodman (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images) /

If you are a sneaker head and fan of the Detroit Pistons your worlds are about to collide.

Adidas announced that a new “Bad Boys” themed shoe will be released on April 24th, piggy backing off the “313 Day” pair that came out in March.

The shoe celebrates the 1989 and 1990 title teams that were not only champions but one of the most unique squads to ever play the game.

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If you were alive in that era, then you remember that Detroit Pistons debuted a new logo that had a black background with a skull and crossbones on top of an orange basketball.

This new Adidas shoe will use that theme, as they are black patent leather with orange details on the top and on the strap.

The coolest feature of the shoes in my opinion is the 89 and 90 on the toe, an obvious reference to the two titles the Bad Boys won in what was one of the most competitive eras of the NBA.

The shoes will retail at $110, which isn’t bad for a limited edition sneaker, but the problem will be trying to get your hands on a pair.

Detroit Pistons: Adidas “Bad Boys” will have a limited release

If you want a pair and live in Michigan, good news, you might be in luck. There will only be 1,200 pairs of these made and each one will have the number on the outside of the tongue under the Velcro strap.

They will be sold exclusively at SNIPES locations in Michigan, though you can still get them at the online store as well.

They are expected to sell out quickly, so be sure to check on April 24th if you want to cop.

These shoes aren’t really my style (do I have a style?) but it’s always nice to see the Bad Boys era get some love.

What do you think? Are these going to be added to your collection?

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