Detroit Pistons: Fans should lower expectations for free agents

General manager Troy Weaver of the Detroit Pistons (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
General manager Troy Weaver of the Detroit Pistons (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /

The Detroit Pistons are used to not getting the big named free agents.

The city of Detroit has never been a big draw for NBA free agents, and that is not likely to change anytime soon.

In the past, this has caused Detroit to make some huge mistakes in free agency, reaching for players that weren’t very good and then overpaying them to lure them to the Motor City.

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This will not be the strategy moving forward according to Troy Weaver, as the Pistons want to build organically through the draft and savvy trades.

Detroit Pistons: Troy Weaver on free agency

In a recent interview, Troy Weaver said a few things about free agency, namely that the Detroit Pistons probably won’t be that involved.

According to Weaver,

"“I don’t anticipate having too many roster spots available. We like our group,” he said. “The answers for the Pistons moving forward are all in-house.”"

The Detroit Pistons had four rookie contributors this season to go along with 20-year-old Sekou Doumbouya, 22-year-old Frank Jackson and Hamidou Diallo and 24-year-old Josh Jackson, so they are set when it comes to youth.

They also have several free agents of their own that may or may not be back, and if the Pistons decide to retain some of them, there won’t be many roster spots up for grabs, especially after the 2021 NBA Draft in which the Pistons have four picks.

Because of the Blake Griffin buyout, the Pistons will still have little cap space to play with in the offseason, so even if they did want to splash out for a free agent, they might not have the cap depending on what they do with their own guys.

They might be able to carve out a roster spot for one free agent, and we have some suggestions, but it’s more likely that the Pistons bring back a few of their own guys, make a low-level veteran signing and then add whatever rookies they take in the draft.

This might not be exciting to some fans, but the Detroit Pistons are finally rebuilding the right way and Troy Weaver is not going to overpay for mediocre talent just to make a move.

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