Detroit Pistons Draft: Ignite’s Todd is a 2nd round option

The G-League’s Ignite team is home to two consensus top five players in the NBA draft: Jalen Green and Jonathan Kuminga. But Isaiah Todd is another Ignite player with a lot of upside, as he averaged 12.3 points, 4.9 rebounds and will not turn 20 until October 17.

While these two make up the lower end of the top five, behind Cade Cunningham, Jalen Suggs, and Evan Mobley, they are both elite young players who will immediately help elevate any bottom-dwelling NBA team.

However, there were 11 other players on the Ignite, and a handful of them are also promising youngsters. One of the better players on the team is 6-foot-10, 210-pound Isaiah Todd, a lanky power forward from Baltimore.

Todd has been compared to Chris Bosh and Robert Horry, both of whom  had storied NBA careers. However, neither of them was drafted in the second round, where Todd is projected to be picked.

If the Detroit Pistons can nab him with one of their three second-round picks, it could add versatility to the frontcourt, and also fit into general manager Troy Weaver’s model for the future.

Todd had not been able to showcase his skills, as he only played 25 minutes per game over the Ignite’s 15-game season. But the second round isn’t meant to be where teams play it safe.

His offensive game seems to be very advanced for a teenager.

Todd’s jump shot has a very high release point, which one would expect from a guy with a seven-foot wingspan. He can also score in the post and in transition. He can also easily go above the rim to get an easy two points.

On defense, Todd is very quick and possesses an ungodly amount of athleticism. In the G-League he was not able to rack up a lot of steals, usually because he was not tasked with defending on the perimeter. In the NBA, he could easily make the transition to match up with point forwards of the league, like a Ben Simmons, who he match him in size.

Isaiah Todd does not have any glaring flaws coming out of the gate, but he will need to brace himself for the increased size and physicality that NBA play features. All up and coming pros need to make the transition though, so Todd won’t be alone in his endeavors.

The Pistons desperately need to improve their shooting, and Todd can make an immediate impact on that end. He can position himself to be a catch-and-shoot threat, and when his number isn’t called, he can grapple for rebounds. There is no reason to think he won’t manage to grab six to eight boards per night if he gets the minutes.

His G-League three-point percentage is .362, which would have placed him on the higher end of the 2020-21 Pistons, and with the G-League using an NBA three-point line, his numbers shouldn’t drop, unlike players coming out of the NCAA.

Isaiah Todd won’t be a starter right away, but he could be a real threat coming off the bench from Day One, which is better than anyone can ask for when it comes to a second-round pick.