Detroit Pistons: Trade Jerami Grant for Kristaps Porzingis? Never!

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Detroit Pistons

Jerami Grant #9 of the Oklahoma City Thunder blocks Kristaps Porzingis . (Photo by J Pat Carter/Getty Images)

There are some fans of the Detroit Pistons who are obsessed with the idea of trading Jerami Grant.

This always seems to happen on rebuilding teams that have a talented veteran, as fans seem to think that all of the players on the team have to be the same age, or to use the cliche, “Be on the same timeline.”

Because Jerami Grant is 27-years-old he isn’t on the “Timeline” for some, so trading him before his value magically disappears is the only recourse.

This is ridiculous for a couple of reasons, namely that teams need a mixture of youth and veteran experience if they want to be good. This isn’t college basketball where you are trying to line guys up with other guys from the same class.

If these playoffs have shown anything, it’s that you can never have too much talent and the Detroit Pistons need a whole lot more.

The latest chatter is around Kristaps Porzingis, who was recently dispatched from the playoffs in the first round and is apparently unhappy in Dallas.

Of course, some fans had to immediately jump on this and propose the the Pistons go after the Unicorn using Jerami Grant as bait.

I can see why PistonsHateYou, as this is not a good idea, but it is one that I have seen floated by several people so I am not trying to pick on one person.

Here’s why it’s not happening.

Detroit Pistons: Jerami Grant is the start

If you want to know when the Pistons’ rebuild started, look no further than the day they signed Jerami Grant.

Grant CHOSE the Detroit Pistons over the Nuggets even though they offered the same money, a huge win for Troy Weaver in his first season as GM.

Weaver has a vision for the types of players he wants in Detroit and Grant is it. He’s a long, athletic and versatile forward who can play elite defense. He’s a hard worker who always hustles and sets a good example.

He’s everything that Detroit basketball is about, he’s still young, has 100 percent bought into the culture and did I mention HE WANTS TO BE IN DETROIT.

Do you really think Kristaps Porzingis will be happy in Detroit? Me either.

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