Detroit Pistons: Cade Cunningham highlights show how he’ll be a superstar

Cade Cunningham #2 of the Oklahoma State Cowboys (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
Cade Cunningham #2 of the Oklahoma State Cowboys (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images) /
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INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA – MARCH 21: Ethan Thompson #5 of the Oregon State Beavers drives against Cade Cunningham (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images) /

Detroit Pistons: Cade Cunningham’s defense is as versatile as his offense

One of the more exciting and under appreciated parts of Cade Cunningham’s game is his defense, which is as versatile as his offensive game.

Cunningham can defend just about anyone from the point guard to the post, which is why there is no issue with “fit” on the Pistons or any other team.

Like on offense, Cunningham is brilliant at making the correct reads that lead to big plays. Here he defending a post player, then making the right read to stay home and get the big block.

He can guard up, and if the Pistons are rolling with a lineup of Cunningham, Killian Hayes, Saddiq Bey, Jerami Grant and Isaiah Stewart, they will be able to switch on anyone, which will make it almost impossible to find mismatches.

This clip shows just how active and effective he can be on the ball, as you will see Cunningham disrupting the dribble hand off, fighting through screens and playing smothering on the ball defense on the perimeter.

What I love most about Cade Cunningham is that he actually cares about defense, which you can’t always say about young stars.

He knows where he needs to improve and is committed to being an All-NBA defender, which is precisely what you want out of a superstar.

His offense and defense are already elite, but Cunningham has intangible attributes that set him apart as well.