Detroit Pistons 2021 NBA Draft: 5 Isolation scorers the Pistons could target

James Bouknight #2 of the Connecticut Huskies (Photo by Porter Binks/Getty Images)
James Bouknight #2 of the Connecticut Huskies (Photo by Porter Binks/Getty Images) /
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Detroit Pistons, Troy Weaver
General manager Troy Weaver of the Detroit Pistons (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /

NBA Draft: Could the Detroit Pistons draft an isolation scorer?

Many draft experts out there have stated how uncertain this draft is after the top five picks, so it is difficult to say if any one of these guys would last until the Detroit Pistons pick at  37. But there are also scenarios in which 5 the team packages their second round picks and/or a player under contract to move up.

IF the Detroit Pistons stayed put, however, Bones and Christopher are the two most likely to be available at 37 with Roko and Bouknight most likely being long gone and Cam being the wild card. I personally have a hard time gauging where Cam is going to be drafted based off his size and his need for the ball in his hands to be at his most effective. Yet, his profile and production from high school until now is impossible to ignore—as is the indicators he is a LEGIT shooter—so I would bet he is selected in round one.

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If the team did trade up, Bouknight would be the most difficult to get as I have seen him mocked as high as number six. Unless the team was willing to trade someone like Jerami Grant, I find it hard for them to get back into the lottery with a couple of second rounders and say Mason Plumlee. That package is probably enough to get them back into the 20-30 range.

In that range, I would bet all of Christopher, Bones, and Roko are still available. If it were me, I would be targeting Christopher out of this bunch as he is wing-sized, has a good handle, and flashed some other abilities to supplement his teammates.

Tell me who you would want in the comments, though—and let me know if you think I missed an iso scorer in this year’s draft. Oh and…CADE!!!!!

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