Bol Bol highlights show a player who can help the Detroit Pistons

Denver Nuggets center Bol Bol (10) passes the ball behind his back Credit: Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports
Denver Nuggets center Bol Bol (10) passes the ball behind his back Credit: Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports /

Yesterday, the Detroit Pistons acquired Bol Bol from the Denver Nuggets for Rodney McGruder and a second-round pick. Bol, a 7-foot-2 center out of Oregon, and the son of the late Manute Bol, is a fan favorite throughout the NBA, and is one of the most intriguing young big men in the league, showing glimpses of potential in highlights that often went viral while playing for the Denver Nuggets.

Unfortunately, Denver’s success left little room for extensive player development, and Bol was never able to find a spot within the Nuggets’ rotation.

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In Detroit, Bol should have ample opportunity to prove he’s capable of putting together consistent stretches of play on both ends.

What does Bol Bol bring to the Detroit Pistons?

It’s simple really: Bol Bol brings a guy who can block shots and protect the rim, something the Pistons desperately need.

Coming out of Oregon, scouts were enamored with Bol’s shooting touch, size, and rim protection, and Bol has flashed these same tools in the NBA, providing glimpses of an incredibly unique skill set with a 7-foot-2 frame, and 7-foot-8 wingspan. You can see all of it in this highlight reel that came from preseason games.

With fewer than fifty games left in the season, Bol will get a legitimate chance to earn minutes on a roster that is looking to accrue players with traits similar to his and definitely needs some size and big man depth.

For the Detroit Pistons, this is an ideal scenario in a short term stint that will allow for an assessment of Bol’s long-term future.

By acquiring Bol, Detroit gets another talented, young player with enormous potential for enough games to evaluate how, or if, he would fit within the organization’s future.

Bol is also set to hit restricted free agency this summer, giving the Pistons full-bird rights to retain him, and furthering the benefits of this low-risk, high reward deal.

With a fresh start and change of scenery, Bol will get a chance to earn playing time on a roster that isn’t worried about making the playoffs, which should lead to longer stretches of opportunities for him.

For the first time in his NBA career, Bol may finally earn the chance to capitalize on the flashes of brilliance we’ve seen, and carve out minutes within an NBA rotation.

If he’s able to, the Detroit Pistons could have a new piece to bolster their frontcourt, and add to their already budding young core. Many of their division rivals have built around versatile bigs, and the Pistons could be following that blueprint.

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