Could an all-time Detroit Pistons squad beat the Chicago Bulls in a series?

Isiah Thomas #11 of the Detroit Pistons(Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images)
Isiah Thomas #11 of the Detroit Pistons(Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images) /

The basketball site Fadeaway World recently held an interesting theoretical competition. It matched up the top five players, by position, in Detroit Pistons history against their counterpart with the Chicago Bulls. Who would win in a seven-game series if they played against each other?

Before you take a guess, here are the matchups they selected (not sure I entirely agree with all of them)

Point guard: Derrick Rose vs. Isiah Thomas

My analysis: Not even close. D-Rose is a good guy, but even the MVP version of Rose is not on the same level as ‘Zeke’. Advantage: Pistons

Shooting guard: Michael Jordan vs. Joe Dumars

My analysis: Even the most ardent Piston fan will give the Bulls an edge in this one. But Dumars, in his prime, could light it up and he was a good defensive player. It is not as big of an edge as one would think. Advantage: Bulls

Small forward: Scottie Pippen vs. Grant Hill

My analysis: Pippen was a great defender and could slash to the basket better than almost anyone. But, when healthy, Hill was an incredible player. He could do everything. Pippen does not carry a team, while Hill could. Advantage: Pistons.

Power forward: Dennis Rodman (Chicago version) vs. Ben Wallace

My analysis: This one I disagree with a bit. First, Wallace was a center, a very undersized center, but he always played the ‘five’ for Detroit. And Rodman was pretty good with Detroit as well. Honestly, it should be Rodman vs. Rodman, so call this a draw. Advantage: Even.

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Center: Artis Gilmore. vs. Bill Laimbeer

My analysis: Well, this is reaching back for the Bulls, who really did not get great center play in the Jordan era.I remember Gilmore when I was a kid. Kind of a Shaq-type. Big and very strong but no real outside game. I might have gone with Bob Lanier over Laimbeer but he is certainly no slouch. In a real game, Laimbeer’s outside shooting would have driven Gilmore crazy: Advantage: Even.

I might have thrown in for Detroit maybe George Yardley as the small forward and, for that one year, Blake Griffin at power forward. Chauncey Billups over Dumars? Possibly. It would have been fun seeing Wallace, as a center, grapple with Gilmore, as I am sure would have happened.

So who wins the Bulls vs. Detroit Pistons all time battle?

One needs to remember that the Pistons have a longer history, and more success over a longer time span, than the Bulls. Take away the Jordan era and Chicago has never done anything. Detroit holds a 42-35 advantage in number of times making the playoffs.

Yes, Chicago has Jordan, but Detroit’s bench is probably deeper, having had a longer period of success.

Fadeaway Sports had the result as: Chicago winning 4 games to 2. For the full article, go here.

Of course, Detroit fans know the Jordan era Bulls lost plenty to the Pistons. Add a prime Grant Hill scoring and Ben Wallace grabbing all the rebounds, c’mon, it’s most likely the reverse: Pistons win in six games.

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Coaches are not factored in, but Detroit would have the advantage with Chuck Daly over Phil Jackson of Chicago.

It is a fun thing to ponder, and it shows how many good players Detroit has had. Maybe Cade Cunningham can be in this contest in a few years.