Chad Ford throws gasoline on Cade Cunningham vs. Evan Mobley debate

Evan Mobley #4 of the Cleveland Cavaliers shoots over Cade Cunningham #2 of the Detroit Pistons (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
Evan Mobley #4 of the Cleveland Cavaliers shoots over Cade Cunningham #2 of the Detroit Pistons (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /

Should the Detroit Pistons have drafted Evan Mobley over Cade Cunningham? This is a question that will probably never have an answer.

Detroit took Cunningham with the number one pick and has no regrets, as he has been amazing after a slow start, culminating with his last game against the Nuggets when he joined Michael Jordan on an elite list.

Cunningham can score from all three levels, is an elite passer, plays solid defense and is wise beyond his years when it comes to basketball I.Q., pretty much what the Pistons thought they were getting when they made him the focal point of their restoration. ESPN scout Mike Schmitz agrees:

Evan Mobley is having an amazing season for the Cavaliers as well and both players are at or near the top of pretty much every statistical category for rookies.

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Mobley’s team is better, and he’s been a big part of that, which has some people pointing their hindsight at the Pistons and saying they should have taken him instead of Cade.

Chad Ford gets Cambied for his Cade Cunningham/Evan Mobley take

Chad Ford, who loves editing his old takes, did a re-draft yesterday and put Cade Cunningham as the third pick behind both Mobley and Scottie Barnes.

Our friend Eli had to put out the Camby symbol and Pistons’ fans descended to let Chad know what they thought of this take (please feel free to join in):

I honestly couldn’t care less if someone thinks Mobley is better than Cade Cunningham, as I think you can make an argument either way depending on what you value.

But to say, “Mobley clearly has a higher ceiling than Cade Cunningham” is ridiculous. We’re 50 games into their rookie seasons and we already know their ceilings? Give me a break.

Cade Cunningham is 1st among rookies in scoring, 2nd in assists, 6th in rebounds, 5th in blocks and 2nd in steals while being his team’s primary playmaker and scorer. He’s being defended by the other team’s best guys every night and is the focal point of their game plan.

Evan Mobley is 3rd in points, 7th in assists, 1st in rebounds, 1st in blocks and 11th in steals while playing versatile and smothering defense. He’s his team’s 3rd or even 4th scoring option most nights and has a much-better roster around him, but has also displayed a high basketball I.Q.

Can we just agree that they are both great? I know social media doesn’t leave any room for nuance, but I’d expect definitive and intentionally divisive statements like this to come from a troll, not someone who is supposed to be an unbiased talent evaluator. Saying one of these guys is “clearly” better simply isn’t true, sorry Chad.

Both teams are happy with their guy and I think it’s safe to say that if they switched teams neither would be as successful, as the Pistons needed a leader and the Cavaliers needed exactly what Mobley provides.

One of them is going to win the Rookie of the Year and one of them isn’t, and in the end, I don’t really care if I’m being honest.

I’ll leave this debate for people who have more energy for futile argument, but I am happy the Detroit Pistons have Cade Cunningham AND think Mobley is amazing. See, both can be true at the same time.

This rookie class has been one of the best in recent memory and I’m just happy the Pistons got one of the players from it who looks like a future superstar. I am sure a warm take like that won’t play well on Twitter, but Cade, Mobley, Barnes, Giddey, Suggs and others from this draft all look very good and it’s silly to say definitively which has the highest ceiling.

But enjoy that ratio, Chad!

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