Detroit Pistons: Troy Weaver’s journey and mindset in free agency

Detroit Pistons general manager Troy Weaver (left) talks with assistant coach Rex KalamianCredit: Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports
Detroit Pistons general manager Troy Weaver (left) talks with assistant coach Rex KalamianCredit: Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports /

Detroit Pistons owner Tom Gores has assembled a dream team to run his organization. The Pistons’ front office has a unique blend of high character people with years of knowledge in their profession with one common goal: Restore the Detroit Pistons to prominence.

Troy Weaver is the man behind the restoration. He worked his way up the NBA ladder to where he is today without taking shortcuts. Success can come quiclyk, but sustainability takes time. He’s willing to be patient to achieve the long term goal. He’s worked his whole life for this opportunity, so why rush now?

Troy Weaver’s Journey  to the Detroit Pistons

Troy Weaver’s path to success started at the collegiate level. He was a college assistant coach spanning eight seasons with stints in Pittsburgh, New Mexico, and Syracuse.  He capped it off with a National Championship as a member of Jim Boeheim’s staff, before leaving the following season for the NBA.

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Early on he was the head scout for the Utah Jazz from 2004-07. Although Troy was just getting started, he quickly outgrew that role. After three seasons he moved up to director of player personnel for one year. He’s worked hard, never cheating the process, proving patience and integrity will pay off.

He eventually landed with the Oklahoma City Thunder in 2008 as assistant general manager. He stayed twelve years, growing with the franchise and finishing his tenure as president of basketball operations. Holding dual positions from 2010-19 as assistant GM and vice president, he was credited with spearheading the Russell Westbrook pick, which many experts questioned at the time. He played a major role in the success of the organization catching the eyes of Tom Gores.

In 2020 he was hired to become the general manager of the Detroit Pistons. He had a tough task of changing over a roster with minimal cap space. He managed to make some significant trades to accomplish his goal. He has revamped the roster with young talent. Now it’s time to see what he envisioned when taking over less than two years ago.

Mindset in free agency

With a substantial amount of cap space, Weaver will have the opportunity to make more moves than the previous two seasons. Fans will have a glimpse into his mindset. He’ll finally be able to show his hand. The direction of the team will be impacted tremendously by the decisions made this offseason. Whether he decides to go for a big fish, or just a few role players, it’ll show us his views on the franchise.

If a max player fits the bill, Troy Weaver could think the team is closer to competing than most. Grabbing some smaller contracts could be a sign that he’s still assessing the young core and doesn’t want to invest much until he knows their ceiling. That’s something for fans to keep an eye on as free agency approaches.

The option of obtaining a max player could be a direct result of Cade Cunningham’s undeniable skill set. If Troy feels like Cade’s ready to enter All-Star conversations, pairing him now with elite talent will be big. He’s on a rookie deal so taking advantage of that could be on Weaver’s agenda. But Troy Weaver made it clear he won’t sacrifice long term success for instant gratification.

One thing’s for sure, he’ll do what’s in the best interest of the franchise. He’s going to utilize the same characteristic traits that got him to this point. Hard work, integrity, dedication, to explore all options before making a informed decision. Pistons fans hope he’s the right guy with his uncanny knack for analyzing talent.

Whatever he chooses, expectations will be high in his third year. It could be the turning point in the franchise looking back years from now. Ownership would love to bring the playoffs back to Detroit once again. Tom Gores trusted Weaver to do that, now it’s looking more like a reality. Just making a postseason appearance won’t be the goal, competing continuously at the highest level is what Troy has in mind for this Pistons team.

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