How Isaiah Livers will impact winning for the Detroit Pistons

Isaiah Livers #12 and Saddiq Bey #41 of the Detroit Pistons (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
Isaiah Livers #12 and Saddiq Bey #41 of the Detroit Pistons (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /

Troy Weaver is known for finding quality late in the NBA Draft and it looks like he has done it again. Isaiah Livers is healthy, and recently cracked the rotation for the Detroit Pistons. The 6-foot-6 forward has been getting significant minutes, and making the most of them. Ten games into his career there’s reason to believe he’ll be in Detroit for a long time.

Although the sample size is small, it’s looking like he has a bright future. He’s shown his value in a multitude of ways, earning minutes in late game situations. Dwane Casey’s coaching staff seems to have trust in him. Livers fits the system, and could play a  viable role for the Pistons.

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Shooting and passing are obviously two key categories for a wing, so let’s see how Isaiah Livers can impact winning in two ways.

Isaiah Livers outside shooting for the Detroit Pistons

Livers has been extremely effective in this role. His efficiency rivals the best in the league. He’s shooting 44.8 percent from three on almost three attempts per game. That percentage is tied for second in the NBA, behind former Detroit Pistons guard Luke Kennard. Livers does not have the attempts to be ranked yet and it is a small sample size, but he was a career 40 percent shooter in college from three. He has solid shot mechanics, so this should translate to the NBA.

The way he gets his shots is light years ahead of most rookies. Credit that to his experience playing all four years of college basketball. He understands how to move around the perimeter, providing his guards with clear passing lanes. He has a high release, allowing him to take advantage of most defenders who help off of him. This makes him a threat on the weak side of the action.

Livers is a natural shooter with a smooth release. As he gets more acclimated, expect his attempts to go up. The sample size is small but Livers is already one of the best 3-point shooters on the team (a low bar to clear, admittedly) and should be able to blossom as a long-range shooter for the Detroit Pistons.

Isaiah Livers passing: The connector

Passing the basketball is important in his role playing with Cade Cunningham. Livers will be asked to play off ball on the weak side. Catching the basketball he’ll have a advantage in numbers from the gravity of the pick and roll. Shooting the way he does opponents will run him off the long line. Making plays for others and staying under control in those moments will change the dynamics offensively. The instincts and talent are there, it’s all about getting the experience and opportunities.

Isaiah Livers has a high basketball IQ, he knows how to play within his role. Livers is not going to be asked to facilitate the offense, however he has the good judgement and playmaking to be a connector in these situations. He has a good feel for defenders closing on him, making the next pass if he doesn’t have the shot. Moving the ball from side to side forces defenses to rotate, it usually results in good shots. That’s winning basketball.

He’s a connector on the court and his passing is contagious, as we saw during the Pistons 19-0 run against Miami.

He had this to say regarding a 19-0 Pistons run that he helped spearhead.

Pistons fans know all about passion, spirit, and playing together. That’s been the characteristics and blueprint to the franchise’s three NBA titles.

Isaiah Livers not only provides spacing with this shooting, but he knows when and how to make the extra pass to keep the offense flowing. It appears that Troy Weaver has struck gold late in the draft once again, as Livers has the perfect skillset to thrive in Detroit.

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