Detroit Pistons: Why there will be a lot of NBA teams tanking next season

Victor Wembanyama of LDLC Asvel Villeurbanne (Photo by Sonia Canada/Getty Images)
Victor Wembanyama of LDLC Asvel Villeurbanne (Photo by Sonia Canada/Getty Images) /

The Detroit Pistons have won 63 games combined over the last three seasons as they bottomed out in an effort to start fresh and rebuild.

It was something that needed to happen, as the Pistons spent a decade hovering around the 9th seed and getting nowhere in the process.

It seems like the Pistons are finally on the verge of being competitive again, as Cade Cunningham looks like a future star and they have some nice complementary players, a top-7 pick in the 2022 NBA Draft, cap space and some trade assets to use to add talent.

The Detroit Pistons may not be a contender next season, but they won’t be tanking (at least not initially), as they played much better down the stretch and looked like a team that could make some noise next season with the right additions.

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But that won’t be the case for a lot of teams, as there is a potential generational talent coming out in the NBA Draft next season that has scouts drooling.

Detroit Pistons: The next “generational” talent may be on the way

I’ve written about Victor Wenbanyama a few times, going back a year, as one scout called him the “most intriguing long-term prospect” he’d ever seen and I might have to agree.

Fans who are excited about Chet Holmgren should have a look at this guy, as he is bigger, more athletic and just as skilled. He’s listed at 7-foot-2, but may be closer to 7-foot-4, can handle the ball on the perimeter, block shots, move like a guard and shoot 3-pointers.

He’s basically one of those guys you create on NBA 2K.

Teams have to be salivating at the idea of Victor Wembanyama, who doesn’t even turn 19 until January.

The 2022 NBA Draft has some nice players at the top, but we might see as many as 7-10 teams tanking next season from the get-go in order to get a 14 percent chance at drafting Victor Wembanyama.

It’s crazy to think that France may end up being a basketball powerhouse in the near future, but that is where we are.

I don’t think the Detroit Pistons will be one of the teams that goes into next season with Wembanyama fever, but if things don’t work out and they are in the cellar at the All-Star break, you may see them hit the tank button again.

Hopefully that doesn’t happen, but when a guy who can alter a franchise is coming out, you know there will be plenty of teams finding ways to lose. Oklahoma City may go 0-82 next season for a chance at the next NBA unicorn.

The play-in tournament and changed lottery odds have somewhat lessened the motivation to tank, but I think we are going to see a proper, old school Tankapaloooza next season, when “Victoryless for Victor” could be the new battle cry.

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