2022 NBA Draft: Who the Pistons would take with each pick

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Jabari Smith #10 of the Auburn Tigers (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

We are now just days away from the 2022 NBA Draft lottery and the Detroit Pistons are once again hoping to land the #1 pick.

But they could drop as far as 7th in the worst-case scenario, which wouldn’t be ideal in a draft that is projected to have a big drop-off after the top three or four picks.

Draft analysis is certainly not an exact science, so the Detroit Pistons can find a quality player outside of the top-3, but the odds dip significantly.

The Pistons have been tight lipped as usual, so there is no indication of which way they are leaning if they do land the #1 overall pick.

Here is my best guess for who the Pistons would take with each of the top seven picks.

2022 NBA Draft: Who the Pistons would take with the top-7 picks

Jabari Smith
Power forward Auburn

A lot of experts think Chet Holmgren is the pick here, but I think Smith’s combination of shooting and perimeter defense will get him the nod.

The chance to pair Cade Cunningham with a 6-foot-10 shooter who can defend will be too tempting to pass up, even though Holmgren projects as a better rim protector, which is a skill the Pistons also need.

To be honest, if the Pistons do land the #1 pick, I wouldn’t be shocked at all if they traded back while staying in the top-4. This could be one of those situations where the Pistons can pick up some assets and get the guy they like anyway.

Any of the top 3-4 guys are nice fits, so I’d be ok with the Pistons trading out of this spot if they go it, but if not, Jabari Smith is the safest bet.

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