2022 NBA Draft: The 2 players the Detroit Pistons might trade up to get

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We’re officially two weeks away from this year’s NBA Draft, and the annual process is in full swing for the Detroit Pistons. Teams are conducting interviews and individual workouts, and players’ stocks are flying up and down draft boards.

After falling two spots out of the top three, Detroit will pick fifth in this year’s draft, behind the Sacramento Kings. However, with the Oklahoma City Thunder picking second, and the Kings at four, there’s a chance that several moves made ahead of the draft will shift the selection order.

Detroit Pistons draft: Kings are best chance to trade up

The Thunder, led by their general manager Sam Presti, have a treasure trove of picks (38 in the next five years), and are one of the most unpredictable franchises in the NBA when it comes to the draft. If Presti and his staff are enamored with a prospect who may be available outside of the top three, they could trade down and gain an additional pick or player in the process.

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While many experts believe that the first three picks are solidified, draft orders are always susceptible to change. In the past, there have been many occurrences where GMs and executives intentionally remain silent ahead of the draft with a deal in the works, or an eye on a specific player. At this point, the chances of Presti doing such a thing are slim, but nothing can be ruled out.

The Kings are in an intriguing position after this last season, and one of the teams most likely to trade their pick in the lottery. After dealing second-year guard Tyrese Haliburton to the Pacers for Domantas Sabonis, Sacramento publicized their mission to ‘win-now’ with hopes of making the play-in game.

While their efforts fell short, there’s a chance Sacramento isn’t finished acquiring players who can help legitimize their chances of making the playoffs next season. One reasonable option could be trading for Jerami Grant in exchange for the fourth pick, which would give Sacramento another proven veteran still within his prime.

If the Kings and the Pistons were to engage in such a move, it would have to come down to Detroit’s willingness to part with Grant, for a talent too good to pass up on. With numerous players being linked to the Pistons, here are two players that the Pistons could trade up one spot for.