Detroit Pistons: Marvin Bagley III gently destroys Kings troll

Marvin Bagley III #35 of the Detroit Pistons (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
Marvin Bagley III #35 of the Detroit Pistons (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images) /

Marvin Bagley III of the Detroit Pistons has had a busy offseason already.

He inked a 3 year/$37 million extension to stay with Detroit, where he found new life after being dealt at the deadline last season in exchange for expiring contracts and second-round picks.

He gives the Pistons some much-needed athleticism up front, and gives Cade Cunningham another weapon and lob threat. Cade’s numbers ticked up after Bagley III’s arrival and the two did seem to have some chemistry to build on for next season.

Some fans deemed this an overpay, but when you look at his potential and the salaries around the league, Bagley III will either be a steal at that price or will be a well-paid role player, either way it’s not going to kill the Detroit Pistons.

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He’s also seems happy to be in Detroit and ready to prove the doubters wrong:

Many of those haters have Sacramento zip codes, as Marvin Bagley III underperformed with the Kings after being drafted with the #2 pick. He started butting heads with the coaches and was eventually shipped out for nothing.

MBIII would probably rather forget his time with the Kangz, but the trolls can’t seem to get him out of their heads.

Detroit Pistons: Marvin Bagley III having fun with the trolls

Players like MBIII, who have been branded as “busts” by the fans of the team that drafted them, generally take endless grief on Twitter.

But Bagley III is not the kind of guy to just take it, so fired back after a Kings troll made a dumb (and sexist) “joke” at his expense.

MBIII reminded the anonymous troll who is living in whose head here.

Kings’ fans came rushing to their comrades defense, oh wait, no they didn’t. Instead the comments were filled with Pistons fans welcoming MBIII to the team and even a few Kings fans lamenting the fact that Bagley III is certain to drop 30 points on them the next time the two teams play.

In the upside down world of the Twitterverse, insults are actually the highest form of flattery, so it was nice to see MBIII thanking a “fan” and you know this information is being put in the database as he circles the Kings on the Pistons’ schedule.

MBIII has yet to go up against his old team since joining the Detroit Pistons, but you can bet he’ll have a little something extra that night, especially after dealing with trolls for the last couple of seasons.

It’s all in good fun of course, but stuff like this could kick off an unlikely rivalry between two bad teams trying to make the leap at the same time.

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