Detroit Pistons hit with the ankle curse once again with Ivey injury

Jaden Ivy #23 of the Detroit Pistons (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
Jaden Ivy #23 of the Detroit Pistons (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images) /

When Jaden Ivey went down clutching his ankle after just five minutes of his 2nd Summer League game, fans of the Detroit Pistons groaned, “here we go again.”

Ivey was electric in just his 2nd game, scoring 11 points in just over five minutes, with two takes to the rim, a step-back three and six free throws before leaving with what looked to be a sprained ankle.

First off, if Jaden Ivey is going to make those kinds of 3-point shots regularly, he is going to be unstoppable, as he had already flashed a first step that might be one of the fastest in the NBA.

Ivey showed his toughness by staying in the game and knocking down the three free throws, but then limped off and didn’t return.

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I wouldn’t say the play was overly dirty, but Isaiah Todd didn’t give Ivey space to land, a move known as the “Zaza Pachulia” which is now finally being called a flagrant foul in the NBA after leading to many rolled ankles and high-profile injuries.

You can judge for yourself here, as Todd just made himself a whole lot of enemies in the state of Michigan.

It seems like the Detroit Pistons can’t catch a break, as this isn’t the first time a promising start to the season has been undone by an ankle injury.

Detroit Pistons: Ankles are the nemesis

Last season also started with some rolled ankles as both Isaiah Stewart and Cade Cunningham suffered injuries at various points in the preseason.

Both ended up minor (which we hope is the case with Ivey) but it still set both players back. Stewart didn’t miss any games, but he looked a step slower and was not getting off the floor as fast as we were used to.

Cade missed the end of the offseason plus a couple of games, which undoubtedly contributed to his slow start last season.

The only good thing is that this happened in Summer League, so Ivey will have plenty of time to recover, but you hate to see a young player’s career get started this way, especially after Ivey looked spectacular in the second half of game one and in the start of game two.

Let’s hope Jaden Ivey’s injury is minor and that he has a speedy recovery so that the Pistons aren’t once again set back by a ******* ankle.

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