Detroit Pistons: Fans go to war over the return of the teal uniforms

Detroit Pistons Grant Hill (R) hugs Jerry Stackhouse JEFF KOWALSKY/AFP via Getty Images)
Detroit Pistons Grant Hill (R) hugs Jerry Stackhouse JEFF KOWALSKY/AFP via Getty Images) /

After much debate, the Detroit Pistons finally announced that they will be bringing back the teal uniforms that they wore from 1996-2001.

I honestly don’t think I’ve seen anything cause this much controversy on Pistons’ Twitter, as fans have been arguing endlessly since the teal announcement, as some were delighted and others were traumatized by seeing those uniforms back in action.

I never liked the teal uniforms, or the color teal in general (sorry but it’s not the color of an elite franchise, more of an XFL team from Miami), and have said so many times, but they are back and I’ll move on with my life.

Even though I think these uniforms are hideous, I do like that the Detroit Pistons listened to the fans, as there has been a vocal group lobbying for this comeback for years:

There seem to be two groups of people arguing about this on social media, and they both have solid points to make about the return of the teal uniforms for the Detroit Pistons.

Detroit Pistons: Most of the old heads aren’t happy

The first group are the old heads, the fans like myself that have been around for awhile and actually saw this team win championships.

We went through titles with the Bad Boy and Goin’ to Work squads and value the history of those teams, including the uniforms.

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The teal uniforms were WILDLY unpopular when they were released, so most of us just remember mocking them or watching media and other fans mock them. The team didn’t have much success in the teal, and pretty much the only highlight from that era was Grant Hill.

The teal represents the ugly bridge between two title eras and those of us who were alive would rather burn that bridge and forget it was ever there. I understand this sentiment, but also understand the group on the other side.

The young fans are delighted

For younger fans, the teal uniforms are really just something different, though some of them probably started watching during this era and may associate them with their early memories of the Detroit Pistons, just like older fans do with the classic uniforms.

The Pistons’ standard uniforms are a bit boring if we’re being honest and I think a lot of people just wanted to see something different, and since they don’t have the same associations with the teal that older fans do, it makes sense.

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Personally, I love the classic uniforms, but I get that’s what I grew up with, so I understand fans having the same feelings about the teal if that’s what was there when they first started cheering for the Pistons.

I honestly don’t care what the Detroit Pistons wear as long as they start winning, and if the teal helps inject some life into the fanbase and stimulate jersey sales, great. Let’s just hope this teal era ends better than the last one.

So even though I hate teal, I say bring it on! It’s something different and if it makes a big group of fans happy, then I’m happy too.

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