Building a lineup of Detroit Pistons fans’ most hated players

Forward Larry Bird of the Boston Celtics sits on the bench during a game.
Forward Larry Bird of the Boston Celtics sits on the bench during a game. /
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Detroit Pistons
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The Detroit Pistons have a legacy of being one of the meanest teams in NBA History. They went by the moniker “Bad Boys,” and in the Micheal Jordan biopic The Last Dance, Isiah Thomas was portrayed as a sniveling little loser who thought he was on the same level as Micheal Jordan.

We in Detroit know that Thomas is not a loser and that the Bad Boys were just tough players, not necessarily dirty. Unless, of course, they were.

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The Pistons and their fans hate as much as they are hated. Despite recent woes, Detroit is one of the best basketball franchises of all time, so of course they have made their share of enemies. No one has any ill will towards the Wizards, Pelicans, and Timberwolves because no one gives any of those teams any thought. The Pistons lived rent-free in the head of the best players and the biggest fans from the 1980s all the way up until the last decade.

When you’re at or near the top, you tend to make enemies. The Detroit Pistons are no exception, and they hated just as much as they were hated. The fans were no different. You can actually make a very good lineup from players that Pistons fans had bad blood with. In fact, you could create perhaps the best starting five ever. To make this list, I tried to find talented players who the fans and Pistons hate, and plugged them into the lineup. Honestly, this team is scary.