Will these two Detroit Pistons end their season with the team?

The Detroit Pistons huddle (Photo by Dustin Satloff/Getty Images)
The Detroit Pistons huddle (Photo by Dustin Satloff/Getty Images) /

After an early season start that’s good for the worst in the league, it could be time to start looking into trade possibilities for some players that may not fit the Detroit Pistons’ roster long term.

Twenty games in, this may seem a bit early in the season. However, less than a month from the unofficial trade window starting on Dec. 15, it may be time for the Pistons to weigh their options.

Recently, Michael Scotto of HoopsHype reported on trade possibilities surrounding Pistons Nerlens Noel and Alec Burks.

"Veteran role players Nerlens Noel and Alec Burks are also trade candidates to watch closer to the deadline. Noel isn’t expected to finish the season with Detroit, HoopsHype has learned. Burks has gotten off to a torrid start since returning to the lineup and is expected to draw interest from playoff-caliber teams closer to the trade deadline."

This isn’t much of a surprise as both Noel and Burks are veteran players that each have a team option for next season. Contending teams looking for bench depth down the stretch could be interested in acquiring either without committing to the player beyond this season.

What is a surprise however, is that Noel specifically is not expected to finish the season in Detroit.

Noel hasn’t seen many minutes or much of a role during his short stint so far as a Piston. After starting the season with an injury, since his return Coach Dwane Casey has only seemed to turn to Noel if needed due to other injuries or foul trouble in the frontcourt.

It’s clear that Noel is most likely not part of the Pistons’ long term product. On a team that has struggled to stay healthy across the board, and especially in the frontcourt, it may have been assumed that Noel would stay on the team as a less than ideal insurance policy.

But, due to the team’s tumultuous start, Noel may be a redundant piece on the roster.

What could the Detroit Pistons receive in return in a Noel or Burks trade?

The most logical asset that the Pistons would be looking for when dealing veteran players would be draft capital.

Noel or Burks won’t command anything close to a huge haul of picks on the trade market, however the Detroit Pistons could receive back one or more late picks to leverage in future moves. Pistons General Manager Troy Weaver has shown that remaining flexible is a consistent priority for the team.

Neither Noel or Burks are making a considerable salary, both in a mid-level pay range for veteran role players, making them feasible additions for teams looking for depth to finish out the season.

Depending on the suitor, the Pistons may also be able to get a younger player in return, most likely someone that can be taken into the organization as a reclamation project. Weaver has shown a liking to buy-low on players who have yet to develop in the league.

One or multiple second round picks as well as a flyer on a younger player is the best case scenario in a return for Noel in my eyes. He hasn’t done much, if anything, to increase his trade market stock so far as a Piston.

Burks may command a bit higher of a price if dealt, especially to a team looking for improved 3-point shooting for a late season run. Even so, I don’t expect Burks to command much higher of a price.

If the Pistons are able to get a late round or heavily protected first round pick in exchange for Burks’ services for the rest of the season, I’d jump.

While either player is not expected to be dealt until closer to this year’s trade deadline, if the Pistons do continue their losing ways, they may be motivated to move these veterans sooner if it means that they can get a bit more in return.

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