Detroit Pistons: Gabriele Procida flashing intriguing skills

Ante Zizic #41 of Anadolu Efes and Gabriele Procida #1 of Alba Berlin (Photo by Seskim Photo/MB Media/Getty Images)
Ante Zizic #41 of Anadolu Efes and Gabriele Procida #1 of Alba Berlin (Photo by Seskim Photo/MB Media/Getty Images) /

The Detroit Pistons have a lot of young talent on their roster, with more in the pipeline.

None of the G-League players have been particularly impressive so far but the Pistons do have another young player stashed in the EuroLeague who has flashed some big potential this season.

Gabriel Procida had an explosive debut for ALBA Berlin but has since settled down, though he has had some nice games in his 10 appearances.

The 20-year-old still has a long way to go on defense, but has flashed some impressive athleticism and offensive skills that Detroit could definitely use at some point in the future.

He is averaging 7.2 points and 1.9 rebounds in just over 16 minutes per game, so the youngster is not playing big minutes, though that may change soon, as his team is a disappointing 3-7 and near the bottom of the table.

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Gabriele Procida still needs reps and experience, but he has shown potential to give the Detroit Pistons something they need, which is scoring on the wing.

Detroit Pistons: Gabriele Procida highlights show his scoring potential

Procida is still trying to earn a bigger role on ALBA Berlin, but has shown a complete offensive game at times, shooting 56 percent from the floor overall and 35.1 percent from the 3-point line.

In these highlights, you can see his potential, as Procida hits a long step-back three-point shot, showing his range, hits a couple of mid-range jumpers off the bounce and takes one all the way to the rim, finishing with his off hand through contact.

Procida is smooth with the ball and has a nice release and his athleticism is better than advertised. He has the potential to be an NBA scorer, which is something the Detroit Pistons need on the wing.

He’s probably still a year or two away (at least) from being able to contribute in the NBA, but Procida is showing exciting promise and could be a cheap option for the Pistons down the road.

The G-League is looking fairly grim outside of 25-year-old Braxton Key, so hopefully the Detroit Pistons can develop some more young talent overseas.

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