Pistons news: Bojan Bogdanovic trade rumor updates

Bojan Bogdanovic #44 of the Detroit Pistons. (Photo by Megan Briggs/Getty Images)
Bojan Bogdanovic #44 of the Detroit Pistons. (Photo by Megan Briggs/Getty Images) /

The Detroit Pistons are at the center of trade rumors this season, this time for Bojan Bogdanovic.

Last season it was Jerami Grant, and the Pistons once-again have one of the most sought-after veterans as this season’s trade deadline approaches.

As many as ten teams are rumored to have contacted the Pistons about Bogdanovic, with names like the Lakers, Bucks, Suns and Mavericks among the many suitors.

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The Pistons have continued to play coy and pretend they are going to keep Bogdanovic, but recent reports suggest that they are starting to come around to the idea, even if their asking price of a young player and unprotected first-round pick are not met.

Here is the latest information about the trade market for Bojan Bogdanovic.

Detroit Pistons: Latest Bojan Bogdanovic trade rumors

As the Pistons continue to pile up losses behind one of the league’s worst defenses, the chances of them trading Bogdanovic have likely increased, as he’ll be 34 next season and they need wing defenders more than anything.

According to insider Marc Stein (SUBSCRIPTION REQUIRED), the Pistons may eventually lower their asking price if they can’t get a team to give up an unprotected first round pick:

"“…no player is in more demand than the Pistons’ sharpshooter, league sources say. The Pistons have been telling teams for weeks now that they don’t want to trade Bogdanovic, but also that it would take an unprotected first-round pick if they have a change of heart. The growing list of potential suitors has nonetheless reached double digits at this point; apparently hope is alive that the Pistons’ high bar was just a negotiating ploy all along and that the asking price will drop to something more palatable as the February 9 trade deadline approaches.”"

With few marquee players reportedly available at the deadline, the Detroit Pistons really have no reason to lower their asking price, as eventually some team will be desperate enough to meet it.

But I do think Stein is right here and that Bogdanovic will be moved if the Pistons get an unprotected first round pick out of it. The question is what else they would have to take back in return to make it happen.

According to Eric Pincus of Bleacher Report, the Lakers and Mavericks are two teams that could get involved, as the Lakers have Kendrick Nunn and Patrick Beverley to match salaries to go along with a 2027 first-round pick. The Mavs also have a 2027 first-rounder they could chip in along with Davis Bertans, though the Pistons should be very leery about taking on his horrible contract (and defense) just to get a first-round pick, especially when it is not likely to  be a high one.

The first-round pick the Pistons are reportedly seeking could have more value to them in a trade, as they don’t currently have a pick that they can move before the one they owe the Knicks is conveyed.

It’s possible the Pistons will just stick with Bogdanovic and hope they can add the necessary players in free agency or trades to build a competitive roster, but given the sheer amount of interest around the league, it seems increasingly likely that he will be traded at some point.

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