Detroit Pistons: Trade or keep these 3 rumored targets?

Detroit Pistons small forward Bojan Bogdanovic (44) celebrates with small forward Saddiq Bey (41) Credit: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports
Detroit Pistons small forward Bojan Bogdanovic (44) celebrates with small forward Saddiq Bey (41) Credit: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports /

Sitting at 12-36 in on the season, it’s safe to say the Detroit Pistons aren’t playing for much going forward except a tank job in order to land the #1 overall pick in the NBA draft.

If the Pistons land that #1 overall pick, they will most certainly be looking to draft a young, franchise changing player gaining a lot of media attention in Victor Wembanyama, just like every other team in the hunt.

Detroit is already looking to the future and should make moves with that in mind. So what trades should the Pistons make before the deadline?

Detroit Pistons: Trading Bojan Bogdanović

With Cade Cunningham being out for the season, there is no question that Bojan Bogdanović has been the Detroit Pistons’ most consistent player, as well as their best.  Bogdanović has been gaining a lot of attention from contenders looking to add a key piece to their roster, and rightfully so.

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Bogdanović is averaging 21.3 ppg and shooting 48.6 percent from the field on the season.  The Pistons pretty much stole Bogdanović in a trade in September, and he’s been nothing but great for Detroit.  At 33-years-old, Bogdanović is surely looking to win in his career, and there hasn’t been much winning going on for the Pistons.  Bogdanović did sign an extension with the Pistons, but if teams are calling the Pistons and offering good trade compensation such as a 1st round draft pick for the veteran, surely Troy Weaver will consider any and all offers.

As good as Bojan has been, he does not fit with the timeline and has been a big part of the Pistons’ terrible defense. If the right offer is there, he should be moved.

Proven veteran & struggling young player

A player the Pistons picked up via trade that some teams could be interested in is savvy veteran Alec Burks.  Burks is coming off the bench for the Pistons this season and averaging 13.6 ppg in only 21 minutes per game.

Another veteran who most likely wants to win at this point in his career, Burks can bring his veteran leadership to a locker room, his 3-point shooting at 44 percent on the season, and be able to come off the bench for a contender and lead their second unit.  Surely the Pistons should consider some type of draft pick and a player in return for Burks.

One of the most interesting Pistons players on the year has been Saddiq Bey.  The Pistons thought Bey would be a part of their young core going forward, but he has taken a step back this season.  The 3rd year forward has been struggling, averaging 14.3 ppg on 40 percent shooting this season after averaging 16.1 ppg during his sophomore season.

Bey will be a key piece to watch for the Pistons going forward.  There have been several rumors that the Pistons are open to trading Bey and will pick up the phone for offers.  At just 23-years-old, the Pistons shouldn’t give up on Bey like they did on players in the past such as Spencer Dinwiddie and Khris Middleton, who have both thrived after the Detroit Pistons gave up on them.  GM Troy Weaver should take phone calls if teams inquire about Bey, but Bey should stick around, regain his confidence and continue to be a part of the young Pistons core for the future.

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