Detroit Pistons: Dwane Casey hints about next season

The Detroit Pistons are in the midst of one of their worst stretches of basketball in recent memory and the losses are started to wear on the team and the fans.

Rookie Jaden Ivey questioned his team’s spirit after last night’s blowout against Toronto, though he wasn’t in the best position to do it considering he had nine turnovers himself in what was a thoroughly ugly night.

Last night might have been the low point for the Tank, as it was not a competitive loss and the team seemed to go through the motions of losing, something to watch over the last eight games.

Troy Weaver does not have an easy job this summer, as he has a ton of questions hanging over his roster and team, including who is going to be coaching it next season. There is a loud segment of the Pistons’ population that would like to see someone else in the huddle next season as the Pistons try to pivot towards actually competing to win basketball games.

Others think Casey has done the best with what he’s been given, which is a young and poorly constructed roster whose best players have missed significant time with injuries.

The team has stayed quiet on Dwane Casey’s future, but he recently made a comment that hinted towards next season.

Detroit Pistons: Will Dwane Casey be the coach next season?

I honestly have no idea what the Detroit Pistons will do about Dwane Casey. It’s obvious that the organization has a lot of respect for him, and it’s hard to blame him for the last three seasons as the captain of the tank brigade.

Casey seems to be growing frustrated with being hamstrung with a hopeless roster and the need to allow players to continue to make mistakes with impunity. Here’s what he had to say after a recent loss according to Pistons’ beat writer Mike Curtis:

This sounds like a frustrated coach who is getting sick of the excuses, but not one who thinks he is going to be fired before next season. Casey is under contract, so he has some reason to believe he’ll be back, and if he is, it sounds like he wants the chance to be a real coach trying to win games, not one who has to allow players to “play through some mistakes.”

This doesn’t mean he’ll be back, but it does show that his patience, like everyone else’s is starting to run thin. Of course, we’ve heard this kind of talk before (at media day this season), so it offers little solace to fans of the Pistons, especially those that want to see a new coach.