Detroit Pistons: 14 free agents with ties to Troy Weaver

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Detroit Pistons, Troy Weaver

Detroit Pistons general manager Troy Weaver (Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images)

The Detroit Pistons will enter the offseason with a pocket full of money to spend in free agency.

They could use also use this money to make trades, or just sit on it until next season, saving some dry powder for the inevitable disgruntled star that wants to change teams at the deadline.

We know GM Troy Weaver leans heavily on personal relationships when it comes to making decisions, which we have seen blow up in his face recently with the scandal surrounding assistant GM Rob Murphy.

And we’ve also seen him do it with players, as his friend Jim Boeheim’s son Buddy was handed a two-way contract for no apparent reason other than his ties to Weaver, and he has also brought Hamidou Diallo to Detroit after being part of the team that drafted him in OKC.

Weaver has connections to a ton of players through his time in Utah and OKC, many of whom are hitting the free agent market this summer. Will he bring back any faces from his past?

Detroit Pistons: Troy Weaver’s Utah years

Troy Weaver was a scout for the Utah Jazz from 2004-2007 and most of the players he scouted are out of the league. But there is one coach from that time with connections to Weaver in Jarron Collins, who was on the Jazz at that time.

Collins is one of the finalists for the Pistons head coaching job and given his history with Weaver and his success coaching defense in Golden State, he could be the frontrunner.

From 2008-2020, Troy Weaver was part of a very successful run with the OKC Thunder, where he was assistant GM under Sam Presti. There are a wide range of potential free agents from that era hitting the market, from the fringe to the mid-tier to the stars.

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