Detroit Pistons: 7 teams that might want to trade back in the NBA Draft

When the Detroit Pistons dropped to the 5th pick in the 2023 NBA Draft, it opened up a lot of possibilities for the offseason.

It’s been reported that the Pistons will “aggressively” pursue trades for the pick this summer, seeking a more proven player to join their already very-young core.

The Pistons also own the 31st pick in the draft, which could also be used in a trade, and we could see one or both of the picks moved if the right deal presents itself. That could mean trading a package based around picks for a player, or potentially trying to move up (or down) in the draft in search of a better prospect or more assets.

This is not considered a particularly great draft, but it is very deep with similarly-ranked talent. And with so many teams in “win-now” mode, we could see a slew of trades around the draft.

Here are seven teams that pretty clearly could want to trade back or even out of 2023 NBA Draft.

Detroit Pistons: 7 teams that might want to trade back in the NBA Draft

Portland Trail Blazers

If the Blazers don’t think whoever they can draft with the #3 pick is going to help Damian Lillard get closer to a title right away, they could very well trade back or even out of this draft. Using this pick and Anfernee Simons could get them a star to put with Lillard. It’s hard to see a match with the Detroit Pistons unless they wanted to give them someone like Bogdanovic to move up two spots.

Orlando Magic

The Magic have the 6th and 11th picks, so could look to move up or down in the draft. How high could they climb by trading both picks? Could they look to keep one of them, trade the other to move back, and pick up an asset or two in the process? Orlando is a team to watch, as it’s hard to see them just drafting two more lottery picks to add to their already talented young roster.

Dallas Mavericks

The Mavericks may be the most likely team to trade back or out of the draft this year, as they are under huge pressure to put a winning roster around Luka Doncic. There might be a trade there for the Detroit Pistons, who could offer up Bogdanovic, Burks and the 31st pick in exchange for the 10th and a contract. If there is a prospect that Troy Weaver really loves at 10, expect some calls to be made.

New Orleans Pelicans

The Pelicans have a lot of young talent already, and if they are fully healthy, it’s doubtful that the 14th pick would even make their rotation right away. They are a team in need of more veteran depth as insurance against Zion and Ingram injuries. Would Burks and the 31st pick be enough to entice them? Probably not, but they are another team to watch.

Atlanta Hawks

Like Dallas, the Hawks are under pressure to put a winner around their star. The Hawks didn’t hire Quin Snyder to orchestrate a rebuild, so it’s more likely that they try to package this pick in exchange for a player that can help them now. At pick 15, this is another team the Detroit Pistons could target if they want to move up from the second round.

Los Angeles Lakers

Hard to see the Lakers caring about adding the 17th pick to a roster that needs players who are ready to compete in the playoffs today. They have no time to wait around with the clock ticking on LeBron James’ time in LA and possibly his career.

Golden State Warriors

The 19th pick isn’t likely to get the Warriors a guy who is going to help them get out of the Western Conference. This is now getting into the area where the Pistons’ 31st pick could really come into play. The Pistons could potentially package Burks and the 31st pick to move up into this range.

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