Pistons news: “The big fly” or is Detroit trading back in the NBA Draft?

City Reapers guards Ausar Thompson (0) and Amen Thompson (1) Credit: Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports
City Reapers guards Ausar Thompson (0) and Amen Thompson (1) Credit: Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports /

The 2023 NBA Draft is just a day away and there is still really no indication of what the Detroit Pistons are going to do with their 5th pick.

Some reports have them “aggressively” shopping it in a trade, while others say the Pistons are content to move back, or just take their pick from a number of talented prospects who should be there when they select.

We got contradictory information yesterday when Troy Weaver said this about playing it safe in the draft:

A statement like this might lead you to believe that the Pistons were not going to go the safer route with a player like Jarace Walker, but may take a bigger risk by swinging for the fences on one of Thompson Twins, who are wildly viewed as the lower floor, higher ceiling options.

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Of course, this could all be a smokescreen for their true intentions.

Pistons news: Will Detroit trade back in the NBA Draft?

There have also been rumblings that the Detroit Pistons will try to trade back in the draft to acquire additional assets.

According to Jake Fischer of Yahoo Sports, there are a couple of teams Detroit might be targeting for such a trade, especially if they think they can get one of the players they like anyway:

"“The Pistons are deliberating a final group of prospects at the fifth position, where Detroit could still find someone available later in the lottery whom the Pistons would have happily chosen at No. 5. Utah has been in contact with the Pistons about trading up from Nos. 9 and 16, according to league sources…”"

The Pistons recently had Taylor Hendricks in for a workout, a guy who might be there with the 9th pick and could represent a real value, especially if Detroit can snag another first rounder to complement him.

But does Detroit really need two, possibly three more rookies? If they have Hendricks ranked the same as someone like Ausar Thompson or Jarace Walker, then this makes sense, but if not, Troy Weaver’s strategy of “going for the big fly” makes a lot more sense considering this is hopefully the last draft in awhile where Detroit is choosing in the top five.

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