Detroit Pistons: Why Jaden Ivey is set for a breakout season

Detroit Pistons guard Jaden Ivey Credit: Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports
Detroit Pistons guard Jaden Ivey Credit: Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports /

As Monty Williams takes the helm of the Detroit Pistons’ restoration, Jaden Ivey will look to build on an impressive rookie season. Detroit fans have reason to be optimistic that Ivey and the Pistons will turn a corner in 2023-24.

Detroit Pistons: Jaden Ivey will get better shots

Last season Jaden Ivey had an effective field goal percentage of .477, shooting .343 beyond and .457 inside the arc. The league average field goal percentage was .475 last year. He’ll need to raise his 2-point field goal percentage this season to improve his offensive contribution. Fortunately, the additions of Sasser, Harris, Thompson, and the return of Cade Cunningham should allow him to take better shots.

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Thompson and Cunningham are both playmakers, which will allow Ivey to play off the ball and work through screens, utilizing his speed and agility. Harris, Sasser, Bogdanovic, and Burks will space the floor and relieve Ivey of the need to take contested shots.

Improved teammates and a more cohesive roster should help Ivey see and choose the better play. He’ll have the luxury of passing up a bad shot for a good shot or a good shot for a better shot, and that luxury will lead to winning basketball.

Jaden Ivey’s rebounds and assists will increase

Ivey grabbed 3.9 rebounds per game, which is slightly above the league average for shooting guards in 2021, but that number could increase slightly on a team that struggles to rebound on the defensive end. As the defensive awareness improves and players box out and cover space, opportunities should present themselves. Ivey is an intelligent and active rebounder and should benefit from more space to follow a bounce and push the pace.

Ivey averaged 5.2 assists per game last season, and he played a fair amount at the point guard position, especially late in the season. I’d like him to play less at the point but for his assists to stay about the same. As mentioned above, he’ll have better shooters around him and a more balanced roster. When he uses his speed to cut through driving lanes, he’ll have opportunities to drop the ball to one of the centers or to kick out to a shooter. As we see increased awareness across the board, we should see players reap the benefits.

Next year should be an exciting season of development and improvement for the Detroit Pistons. Jaden Ivey should reap the rewards presented by a coaching change and more balanced roster. Combined with offseason development, Ivey could enjoy a breakout season.

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