Don’t rule out a September trade for the Detroit Pistons

Bojan Bogdanovic #44 of the Detroit Pistons talks with Killian Hayes (Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images)
Bojan Bogdanovic #44 of the Detroit Pistons talks with Killian Hayes (Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images) /

August is winding to a close and we’ve not heard a peep from the Detroit Pistons, who have gone quiet after a flurry of moves to start the offseason.

It’s possible that this is the roster they are going into the 2023-24 season with, but don’t be surprised if Troy Weaver and the Pistons aren’t finished making moves.

The Detroit Pistons have a recent history of September trades

Last offseason the Detroit Pistons traded for Bojan Bogdanovic late in September, so Troy Weaver won’t be afraid to make a big trade even if it is just before or even during training camp.

Teams will have 20 days after the start of training camp to finalize their rosters, so circle October 23rd on your calendar, which is also an important date for the futures of Killian Hayes and James Wiseman.

The NBA still has plenty of business to sort out, as both Damian Lillard and James Harden are hoping to be traded, moves that would likely require more teams to get completed. Eventually, the dominoes will start to fall, and with several expiring contracts and young players to deal, the Detroit Pistons could get involved.

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The Detroit Pistons still have open roster spots

The Pistons have left two roster spots open, one full-time and one two-way, so they still have a chance to take on players.

This could be important, as it allows them to take back more players then they send out, which would be especially useful in any Bojan Bogdanovic trade that potentially sends back multiple players in return.

Whether the Pistons are looking for more young talent, a couple of role players or guys on expiring contracts, having those open roster spots will prove to be useful.

It’s hard to believe that the Detroit Pistons are going to go into next season with the roster as it currently stands, as they have some logjams at guard and center that could leave possible trade assets sitting on the bench.

So don’t be surprised if you start getting alerts on your phone in September with details of another late trade for the Pistons.

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