Top 8 long-range sharpshooters in Detroit Pistons’ history

Detroit Pistons forward Bojan Bogdanovic Credit: Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports
Detroit Pistons forward Bojan Bogdanovic Credit: Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports /
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Detroit Pistons, Wayne Ellington
Wayne Ellington #8 of the Detroit Pistons (Photo by Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images) /

The Detroit Pistons were the worst overall shooting team in the 2022-23 season, something they hope is about to change.

They currently have three of the best long-range shooters in the league on the roster in Bojan Bogdanovic, Alec Burks and Joe Harris, and in the case of Harris, one of the best in the history of the league.

Harris is currently 4th in 3-point percentage all time and has made more than any of the guys ahead of him, so he has an argument as the NBA’s best shooter with a 43.7 career percentage. But when you see that Stephen Curry has hit more than three times as many in his career and still made 42.8 percent of them, it’s pretty obvious who the all-time greatest shooter really is.

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But what about Detroit Pistons’ history? The Pistons have had some great shooters over the years, but when you look just at 3-point shooting, most of them were contemporary players in the modern era, showing just how much the game has changed.

If we were just talking about all-time makes from behind the arc, then there would be familar names like Joe Dumars, Chauncey Billups, Lindsey Hunter, Rasheed Wallace and Tayshaun Prince. Remarkably, Saddiq Bey is actually 7th all-time in makes, but none of these players had an average of over 40 percent.

Dumars was closest with a career mark of over 38.7, but it still wasn’t enough to make the list. For the purposes of this, I am only choosing players that had a significant role during their time with the team or had a run that just can’t be ignored, so my apologies to Tony Snell and Rodney McGruder.

The percentages are the player’s number with the Detroit Pistons and not for their career.

Top 8 long-range sharpshooters in Detroit Pistons’ history

#8: Wayne Ellington- 40%

Ellington didn’t play a ton of games with the Detroit Pistons over parts of two seasons, but he started in most of them and was a high-volume 3-point shooter who could rip the nets. At his best, he shot 42.2 percent on over six attempts per game as a 33-year-old on a tanking team.

Ellington briefly led the league that season and ended up in the top 20 for 3-point percentage. It was fleeting, but Ellington was a lights out shooter for the Detroit Pistons.