Detroit Pistons: Pros and cons of the silly new NBA rules

NBA commissioner Adam Silver during Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports
NBA commissioner Adam Silver during Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports /
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Detroit Pistons, Isaiah Stewart
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Con: The Detroit Pistons won’t get any “easy” games against good teams

Let’s face it, the Detroit Pistons have been one of the teams the good ones rest against for some time now.

Stars or not, Detroit won 17 games last season, so it’s not like load management has provided them an advantage.

But it did give their young players a chance to play against the young players on the good teams and gave them a better chance for a W against teams that were resting their stars.

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If there really is going to be less of it (I have my doubts), the Detroit Pistons can expect to play more good teams at full strength, which won’t boost their chances of getting wins.

The first step to solving any problem is to admit you have one, so at least the NBA has done that, but it’s hard to see how these rules will be enforced and whether fines which are like $10 to billionaires will be enough to keep them from protecting the much-larger investments they have in star players.

Theoretically, it will be better for fans who pay to see live games or look forward to a big one on national television, but it will have little effect on the day-to-day business of teams like the Detroit Pistons.

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