8 Detroit Pistons that never played a single minute

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Detroit Pistons

Hasheem Thabeet (L) #34 of Hsinchu Jko Lioneers (Photo by Gene Wang/Getty Images)

The Detroit Pistons have made plenty of head-scratching signings and trades over the years, as has every other franchise in the NBA.

There have been free-agent flops and dud trades, some of which yielded players who never even stepped on the floor in a Detroit Pistons’ uniform.

Some players were with the team for so short a time that fans not blessed with photographic memories will forget they were even on the team.

Here are eight players who have played as many minutes for the Detroit Pistons as I have, which is to say, not a single one.

8 Detroit Pistons that never played a single minute

8. Hasheem Thabeet

Thabeet is mostly notorious for being the 2nd pick in the 2009 NBA Draft and for good reason, as the Memphis Grizzlies passed on some all-time greats to take him. This was a draft in which James Harden went 3rd and Stephen Curry went 7th, oops.

Thabeet never lived up to his draft position and will go down as one of the worst draft picks in NBA history, as the Grizzlies could have had several Hall-of-Famers.

Before the 2014-15 season, the Detroit Pistons briefly signed Thabeet as a free agent to be the third center, but he didn’t even impress enough to keep that job, as the team waived him about a month later just before the season started.

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