Detroit Pistons: NBA teams that need to make cuts

Detroit Pistons general manager Troy Weaver Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports
Detroit Pistons general manager Troy Weaver Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports /

The Detroit Pistons are just over two weeks from the regular season and still have an open roster spot.

It’s possible that they will use that spot in a trade that brings back an extra player, or they are just keeping some flexibility in case a player they like suddenly becomes available.

In addition to their full-time spot, the Pistons also have a two-way contract available, so they won’t just be watching their own roster during the preseason.

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They may be able to take advantage of someone else’s roster surplus, and there are six teams that still need to make cuts according to Keith Smith of Spotrac.

Oklahoma City Thunder: 3

The Thunder still need to trim three players from their roster. Two are likely to be Isaiah Joe and Aaron Wiggins, whose contracts are not guaranteed, but beyond that it’s anyone’s guess. The Detroit Pistons will play them twice in the preseason, so will get a good look at any players they might want to poach from OKC.

Philadelphia 76ers: 1

It will likely be journeyman Dewayne Dedmon, who somehow still has two more seasons of money coming to him from the Detroit Pistons.

Phoenix Suns: 2

Jordan Goodwin’s contract is only partially guaranteed, and after watching him last night, I wouldn’t be shocked if Bol Bol ended up cut, as he got worked by Marvin Bagley III.

San Antonio Spurs: 1

The Spurs have around six players on some form of contract that would be easy to cut, but they also have a two-way, so it’s unlikely anyone good hits the market.

Toronto Raptors: 1

Jeff Dowtin or Christian Koloko are the likely candidates here.

Washington Wizards: 2

Not much to see here unless they decide to cut Patrick Baldwin, who is a player I wouldn’t mind seeing the Pistons go after for some backup forward depth and shooting.

So I wouldn’t hold your breath that the Pistons’ final roster spot is filled by one of these cuts. It’s  more likely that they enter the regular season with an open spot to maintain flexibility for a future trade.

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