Detroit Pistons: Good news on the Cade Cunningham injury front

Marvin Bagley III (L) and Cade Cunningham of the Detroit Pistons (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
Marvin Bagley III (L) and Cade Cunningham of the Detroit Pistons (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images) /

For the Detroit Pistons to have any kind of success this season, they need Cade Cunningham to be 100 percent healthy.

So even though we are still just in the preseason, it was concerning when Cade sat out with quad tendinitis, even as we were told the injury was “minor.”

Considering the myriad injuries the Pistons have faced over the last few seasons and the fact that they are building their team around Cade Cunningham, I don’t think it was unnatural for fans to be concerned about a guy who missed almost all of last season.

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We understand this is “just preseason” but also understand the importance of getting reps for a young team and what another Cade Cunningham injury would mean to the Detroit Pistons.

It appears as though Cunningham is ok for now, so we can all take a deep breath.

It appears Cade Cunningham is fine and the Detroit Pistons were just being cautious

According to multiple Pistons’ beat writers, Cade Cunningham has been a full participant in practice and doesn’t appear to be injured:

I didn’t personally see many fans “freaking out,” and I don’t think it’s wild to have concerns over your franchise player who is coming off a missed season. This is especially true when the team has been less than transparent in the past and what we were told were “minor” injuries turned out not to be.

We still haven’t gotten much news about Jalen Duren, who tweaked his ankle and has already been ruled out for Thursday’s preseason rematch with the Thunder. Personally, I can afford the fanbase a little leeway to “freak out” over injuries after coming off a 17-win season full of injuries.

Cade looks fine getting up shots in practice here and will hopefully be back in the lineup on Thursday:

I ignore the fans who say ridiculous things on social media, as James Edwards III is right, there were a few who went too far. They were mostly the same Cade haters I hear from all of the time, the ones that have already declared him a bust. The mute button is your friend.

But there are plenty of us who just want to see this team play with all of its guys, which has been a rare occurrence over the last three seasons. So it’s good to see Cade Cunningham practicing again but it will be even better to see him back on the court 100 percent healthy.

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