12 stars who could be traded and the Pistons chances of getting them

Detroit Pistons v Los Angeles Lakers
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Trae Young and/or Dejounte Murray: Two percent chance 

I’m lumping these two together, as one of them is likely to get moved this summer, Atlanta just has to decide which one. 

Trae would get the bigger return but is also a marketable star who is good enough to keep the Hawks from being terrible. 

The Pistons reportedly kicked the tires on Murray, who is a nice player but not a great fit in Detroit given that they already have three young guards they are building around. 

But the Pistons are desperate to add someone noteworthy this summer, which is why I would give Murray a slim chance, mostly because the Pistons have already shown interest and they could probably put together a trade package to get him. 

They shouldn’t, as Murray doesn’t address their biggest needs and likely just takes time from Jaden Ivey, who has taken a star turn of late. 

My prediction is that Atlanta ends up trading Trae Young this summer and he ends up in San Antonio, who has the young players and draft picks to make the right offer.