12 stars who could be traded and the Pistons chances of getting them

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Donovan Mitchell: Zero percent chance 

It would be nice for the PIstons to undo one of their Holy Trinity of Draft Mistakes by trading for Mitchell, but it’s not happening. 

Mitchell will be entering the final guaranteed year of his contract next season (he then has a player option that he’ll definitely decline) and all indications are that he won’t re-sign in Cleveland. 

That makes trading him this summer a likelihood for the Cavaliers, who will be looking for a huge return for the superstar guard. 

The Pistons don’t likely have that return to give unless they were to cough up Ivey and their 2024 pick (even if it were #1, it’s probably not enough), some other team (cough cough Knicks) would swoop in with a better deal. 

Teams like the Knicks, Thunder, Spurs and Nets have been hoarding picks for this exact scenario, and the Pistons still owe one and can’t even trade this year’s until draft day.  Giving up a pick to draft Isaiah Stewart may end up costing the Pistons dearly, as they've been hamstrung in trades by the protections on the pick ever since.

I’d say Mitchell ends up in New York, as the Knicks have the ammo to get him and he’s a nice fit with Brunson in the backcourt.