12 stars who could be traded and the Pistons chances of getting them

Detroit Pistons v Los Angeles Lakers
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Jaylen Brown: .000000001 percent chance 

It’s hard to see the Celtics trading Brown, but they are also in a payroll conundrum with a very expensive roster that is not gettting any cheaper.  

Beck speculated that even if the Celtics won the title they’d have to ship out someone to make the money work. 

Could it be Brown? 

He’d be the ideal fit for the Detroit Pistons, but even if he did hit the market, the Celtics would be looking for a MEGA return that the Pistons don’t have. They are going to want a ton of picks, swaps and ready-made talent similar to what the Nets got for Durant and the Pistons don’t have that to give. 

The only reason I gave Detroit a minuscule chance is that they could have the #1 pick, but in this draft, it still wouldn’t be close to enough to get Brown. 

This shows how cap space doesn’t matter without assets to go along with it. The Pistons have the money to absorb Brown without sending a big salary back, which would help the Celtics, but they don’t have anything Boston wants, so who cares?