12 stars who could be traded and the Pistons chances of getting them

Detroit Pistons v Los Angeles Lakers
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Kyrie Irving: Zero percent chance 

Dallas is going to be under pressure if they flame out again, as they still haven’t put a compelling roster around Luka Doncic. 

Trading Kyrie would be their best option, as he’ll get a solid return that the Mavs could use to build a more cohesive roster around their superstar. 

Doncic isn’t going to stay there forever if they don’t sniff a title, which puts Dallas in a tough spot. It reminds me of when Cleveland drafted LeBron and was so afraid he was going to leave that they reshuffled their roster with new veterans every season hoping to find the right combination instead of building their team with guys LeBron’s age that he could grow with. Is Dallas making the same mistake? Possibly. 

The Mavericks have a lot of payroll invested for next season and few ways to add talent without trades, so Irving is one to watch, just not for the Pistons.