12 stars who could be traded and the Pistons chances of getting them

Detroit Pistons v Los Angeles Lakers
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Zach LaVine: 15 percent chance 

Ugh, I hate this, but the truth is that LaVine will be on the market again, and Detroit is one of the teams stupid enough to try and get him. We talked a lot about this one and I made it clear that I am not a fan. Hopefully, his latest injury would scare Detroit away from this terrible idea, but if they strike out everywhere else and the price is low, don’t be surprised to see the Pistons mentioned for LaVine again. 

Zion Williamson: 2 percent chance 

The Pelicans may be forced to trade one of Zion Williamson or Brandon Ingram to stay out of the luxury tax (which they never pay), but Ingram is the more likely of the two to be moved. If Zion hits the market, he’ll have suitors, even with all of his injury concerns, as the guys puts butts in seats and is a draw. 

Bradon Ingram: 11 percent chance 

The Pistons would have a much better chance at getting Zion’s teammate Brandon Ingram. I wrote in depth about Ingram yesterday, which you can read here. The bullet points are that he’s a great fit, but only has one year left on his contract, which could be good, as it might drive down the asking price since he could leave. The Pistons would probably have to sacrifice one of the Core Four plus their 2024 pick and at least one more with a few swaps to make it happen. 

Given his contract and the price, the Pistons are one of the few teams in a position to make a move for someone like Ingram, but I do question whether they have the trade assets to even get him, which leads me to the guy who might be the best opportunity for the Pistons to land a star this summer.