3 Step plan to shake up the Detroit Pistons this summer

Detroit Pistons v New Orleans Pelicans
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Step 3: Bring in veteran role players/competition 

The Pistons would still have a few roster spots to fill, though Ingram and Claxton would eat up the lion’s share of their cap space.  They would also still have their first-round pick unless they had to give it up to get Ingram, which is possible, as it's hard to gauge the value of a guy on an expiring contract.

That leaves at least two spots to fill and they need to go to veteran role players who can contribute, fill in when there are injuries and even compete for starting spots. 

Enough of this just handing minutes to young players without them being earned, it would be nice for the Pistons to bring in veterans who are ready and able to compete for minutes. 

They would still need a backup center and a veteran guard to flank their young ones and guys like Andre Drummond and Malik Monk come to mind, players who can start if needed but have also shown they can be effective bench players. 

If Detroit started next season with a rotation that looked something like this, it would at least be the starting point of a winner: 

Cade Cunningham 

Jaden Ivey 

Ausar Thompson 

Brandon Ingram  

Nix Claxton 

Add a bench of Sasser, Grimes, Tek and Stew and you at least have a better fitting team that is long, defensively versatile and has more players who can shoot. 

Is this a championship team? No. But right now, the Pistons need to focus on getting players around Cunningham who are better fits, and this would be a start.