3-Team trades that could benefit the Detroit Pistons this offseason

Detroit Pistons v Cleveland Cavaliers
Detroit Pistons v Cleveland Cavaliers / Jason Miller/GettyImages
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The Detroit Pistons and the Utah Jazz 

The Jazz are a team hoping to make a big splash and have the young players and future draft assets to do it. 

Danny Ainge said the Jazz would go “big game hunting” (can we stop with the animal metaphors already?) this summer, hoping to land another star to pair with their interesting core. 

The Pistons could get involved by taking back a big contract that the Jazz don’t want, or by taking on a player they need to get rid of to clear a spot, namely someone like Taylor Hendricks. 

The Jazz are another team with cap space, so they won’t need the Pistons in that way, but they could need an extra young player to grease the wheels of a trade and may be able to send Detroit a player from their surplus.