3-Team trades that could benefit the Detroit Pistons this offseason

Detroit Pistons v Cleveland Cavaliers
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The Detroit Pistons and Donovan Mitchell 

No, the Detroit Pistons won’t be trading for Donovan Mitchell this offseason, but the teams that may try are all in cap hell. 

The three teams most connected to Mitchell are the Lakers, Nets and Heat, all teams with salary cap concerns that would make it tough to take on Mitchell’s contract without sending a big one out in return. 

Could the Pistons get an asset from the Lakers if they were to take on one of their bigger contracts so that Cleveland doesn’t have to? The Nets are harder to gauge. They’d love to get rid of Ben Simmons to clear a salary slot for Mitchell, but what would they be willing to give up to do it? 

Would the Heat have to part ways with Tyler Herro to make room for Mitchell, and if so, where is he going? Cleveland might prefer other assets and not to take on his deal. 

These are just three examples of how the Pistons could leverage their cap space and assets this summer to get involved in a trade, but there are definitely more. We may not see Detroit swing for a star, but they could clean up if they use their cap space correctly.