4 Realistic offseason targets for the Detroit Pistons

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Max Christie- Los Angeles Lakers

Most fans wouldn't blink twice upon seeing Max Christie being traded to the Pistons, but the former Michigan State Guard would give the team instant bench depth and 3-point shooting. Though he's not getting a lot of time in LA, Christie is a career 37 percent scorer from behind the arc on two attempts per game. His lack of playing time is odd on an Lakers team that desperately needed shooting, but in the time he plays, he's shown to be a decent off-ball player.

Christie in Detroit would be a good fit because of his off-ball ability. He won't necessarily be a 25-30 minutes a game player, but a perimeter threat who can move around screens or spot up could help every unit the Pistons use. There is no lineup in Detroit, or the league for that matter, that doesn't need floor spacing, and a decent backup like Christie could thrive in Detroit as a shooter.

Christie will be a restricted free agent, so the Pistons can make him an offer the Lakers won't be able to match and potentially get a rotation player on a minimum.