Best case/worst case scenario for likely top Pistons draft picks

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The NBA Draft Lottery is just under two weeks away, and we are fully in draft mode as a Detroit Pistons fan. There are so many different variables in play when it comes to who Detroit will end up with, and even more variables when trying to predict how that player will pan out. But, given what we know, let’s take a look at each player's ceiling and floor if they were to be drafted to play in the Motor City. 

As a bonus, this article puts a bow on my final predictions on who Detroit could end up with. I would place my money on it being either Sarr or Risacher, but there is a world in which Detroit falls as far as possible, to fifth overall, and ends up with Matas, Knecht, or even Cody Williams. Regardless, here is the ceiling and floor for each option. 

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Ceiling and floor for possible Detroit Pistons draft picks

Alex Sarr, 7’1 C

Sarr easily has the highest ceiling in this year’s draft. That’s essentially the reason he is going number one overall in almost all mocks. In a draft like this, there isn’t much talent that separates the players, but more so potential. And that, Sarr has plenty of. Alex Sarr’s ceiling is that his offensive potential proves to have been a sign of things to come, and he develops into a legit threat away from the basket. He already moves extremely well for someone his size, and has tremendous defense supported by his 7-foot-4 wingspan. If he is to hit his ceiling, his offensive game continues to impress, and his rebounding skills catch up with his defense. A true cornerstone offensively and defensively, similar to Wemby or Holmgren. You can read more about Sarr here.

His floor, however, would come to fruition if his offensive potential stays just that, potential. His offensive numbers don’t improve, and he ends up being simply a big man who moves well. His rebounding never comes around and he gets pushed off the block on the offensive end. Still, in this worst case scenario, Sarr would still be a shot blocking and defensive menace due to his size. He would likely stick around the NBA coming off the bench for his defensive prowess. Not ideal for a number one overall option. 

My prediction is that he falls somewhere in between. His offense will likely come around to the tune of a slightly less than capable, 32 percent three point shooter, but his rebounding never quite catches on. His defense will change the opposing team’s offensive gameplans however.