Best case/worst case scenario for likely top Pistons draft picks

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Zaccharie Risacher, 6’9 SF

There was a time a few months ago that I identified Zaccharie Risacher as my pick if Detroit were to get the number one overall selection. Risacher fills a position of need for Detroit, and the skills we lack as well. He plays in a professional league already, and would slide in perfectly. His best case scenario for Detroit would be that he hits the ground running in the NBA, is a legit top three point shooter in the league, connecting at well above 40 percent from deep, and thrive next to dominant ball-handlers such as Cade and Ivey. This would space the floor for both of those two guards, as well as give Duren more room to go to work downlow. His size and spacing ability gives Detroit one of the best in the league at a position that is so difficult to come by. 

Unfortunately, for Detroit, Risacher’s floor has suddenly become apparent as he has cooled off tremendously over the last few months for JL Bourg. His shooting percentage from the perimeter in this cold streak has been in the 20’s, and his play has been very much inconsistent. That, sadly, would be his floor here in Detroit. A second unit, 6-foot-9 floor spacer who is extremely streaky, has very little on-ball abilities, and further shrinks an already small court for Detroit. 

I personally think his cold streak is something of an anomaly, as was his hot streak likely. I think he winds up being a career 40 percent three point shooter who can slash and space the floor properly. I lean more towards his ceiling being the norm for Risacher.