6 Best free agents for the Detroit Pistons after the draft

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#4: Naji Marshall: Unrestricted free agent 

One of my favorite players in the league, Naji Marshall would fit right in with the type of culture the Pistons are trying to build. 

He’s a tough player, defensively versatile and has improved his efficiency as a scorer every year in the league, shooting 46 percent from the floor and 39 percent from 3-point range this season. 

He helped turn around the culture in New Orleans, which is based around defense and strong team environment. He could do the same in Detroit and Trajan Langdon will be well aware of that. 

He’s not the lights-out shooter that many fans will want, but to me, the Pistons should build around defense and supplement with offense once it is a strength. 

Give me more versatile wing defenders like Naji, guys who hustle don’t take plays off. He will also push the younger players on the team, something that has been sorely lacking during this rebuild when the young players had no veteran competition.