6 Best free agents for the Detroit Pistons after the draft

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#3: Tobias Harris: Unrestricted free agent 

We’ve been hearing about this one forever but things haven’t really changed. The Pistons still need a veteran who is a reliable scoring option behind Cade Cunningham and Harris is a solid as they come. 

He rarely misses games and you know you are getting a guy who will hit shots and defend. 

The issue with Harris is salary. If he wants to take a team-friendly deal to come to Detroit, I would welcome him with open arms, as he’s a great teammate and will help this team grow even if he doesn’t move the needle a ton in the win column. 

If he is approaching anywhere near a max deal then the Pistons should move on, it’s that simple. Luckily, I don’t think the new regime is that desperate or dumb, so if Harris comes to Detroit, he won’t be making 30+million a year and I highly doubt he gets that from anyone.