The big trade may be a pipe dream for the Detroit Pistons

Detroit Pistons v Utah Jazz
Detroit Pistons v Utah Jazz / Chris Gardner/GettyImages
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The Pistons have a lack of viable trade partners

We're still relatively early in the season, so things can and will change before the 2024 trade deadline is upon us.

But right now, there aren't a lot of teams that look like viable trade partners for the Detroit Pistons. Detroit will likely have to target a losing team that has a player they want to trade in exchange for assets to improve their own roster. We've already talked about the lack of assets, but there is also a lack of teams.

Most of the bad teams are rebuilding just like the Pistons, so you can probably rule out teams like the Hornets, Spurs and Trail Blazers, who are lacking the type of players the Pistons need or wouldn't be willing to give them up. Detroit could try to swing a Jerami Grant reunion with Portland, but he'll be a hot commodity again and other teams may have more attractive offers.

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The Wizards are a possiblity, but what exactly do they have that is going to help the Pistons? The three options really come down to the Bulls, Raptors and Jazz.

Detroit should run far away from any Zach LaVine trade, so hopefully won't go to Chicago looking for help. The Raptors have OG Anunoby and Pascal Siakam, who could both help Detroit, but they are on expiring contracts (Anunoby has a player option he'll decline) so they would be risky without some guarantee they'd sign an extension to stay. Would you be willing to give up Jaden Ivey for an Anunoby rental? Me either.

The Jazz have Lauri Markkanen, who I would absolutely love to see in Detroit, but it's hard to see them giving up on him given his salary and improvement over the last few seasons. He's more likely to be a centerpiece to their rebuild, but is a possibility Detroit could explore.

I'm sure there are some under-the-radar players and teams, but right now, the pickings are slim and Detroit may not have the assets to get a big trade done anyway.