Blockbuster Cade Cunningham trade proposal would set Pistons back

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Trajan Langdon has made his first decision as president of the Detroit Pistons, which was to part ways with GM Troy Weaver, who started a rebuild but was never able to finish it. 

Now comes the hard part, deciding the fate of Monty Williams and then fixing a broken roster that has some talented but mismatched parts. 

Langdon has full control over how this goes, so he could decide that he doesn’t like the pieces he’s been handed and wants to start over with his own guys. 

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That could include trading some of the key young players the Pistons currently have on the roster. 

Would the Detroit Pistons consider trading Cade Cunningham? 

One name not expected to appear in the trade rumors is Cade Cunningham, the most substantial and hopeful asset the Pistons currently have on their team. 

Cunningham had a mini breakout last season on a terrible team, becoming one of the only young players in league history to ever average 22 points, seven assists and four rebounds a game. 

We’ve yet to see what Cunningham can be, as he’s been on horrible teams with almost exclusively other young, developmental players with a splash of washed veterans like Joe Harris and Evan Fournier. 

It would be insane to move Cade before we see him with a real team, especially considering he hasn’t even signed his second contract. 

So, the Detroit Pistons wouldn’t consider trading Cunningham....right? RIGHT?!? 

This proposed deal would at least make them pause for a few seconds before hanging up the phone.